Wednesday June 29th marked the launch of Rachel Libeskind’s show with Fine Art Club. Libeskind follows Tyrrell Winston and is the second artist to show on the platform.

‘It was a Common Night’ sees 13 new mixed-media works exploring the haunting of Modern Americana. Select works were previewed at Lazy Susan Gallery on New York’s Lower East Side.

Some guests walked away with their own unique piece of art thanks to stick and poke tattooist and artist in her own right Emma Cook. The tattoos were all inspired by Libeskind’s work;┬áthose brave enough to step into the center-piece makeshift parlor were able to choose from a range of cowboy-themed iconography. Whiskey was, of course, on hand. For those not wanting to opt for permanent ink, temporary tattoos were also available.

The gallery itself was turned into an Americana-themed barn with hay covering the floor. A single cowboy hat adorned the gallery wall, along with eight works.

View the full photo gallery on Facebook. Thanks to Thibault-Theodore Babin for the capturing the night so perfectly.