The Ghosts of un-resolve weigh like heavy fog upon the quiet roads of the American landscape.

We can all feel it, the haunting of our countrysides, the blessed alleyways of our cities, the defunct industrial structures that echo with the vibrations of a parallel present, which really is the past.

It Was A Common Night is a cross section of this moment. It is a visual effort to articulate the shared nostalgia for something that never was, and the collective repression of what actually was. The past and future converge at a vanishing point that is impossible to see in the present. America evades us, like a cowboy in the night.


Rachel Libeskind is a New York-based artist. She holds a B.A. from Harvard University. Libeskind has shown her work in exhibitions in Paris, London, Milan, Rome, Warsaw, Vilnius, Miami and New York among other cities internationally.

She is a multi-disciplinary artist, often merging her installation and performance with her studio practice. Libeskind’s work is characterized by a unique combination of historicist appropriation and improvisational arranging. Her work deals with issues of identity, the transmutations of past histories and the collection and curation of images and objects.