Total Parallaxxx is
A media mirror
A dimensional gaze
A sinister seduction
A cool submission
A beautiful invasion
An identity theft
A surveillance of a surveillance  (A Sousveillance)
An inverted selfie
A lush angst
A media flood
A pseudo consensual relationship
A technoidentity
A shrine to corporeality
In the desert of hyperreality
A nocturnal solo exhibition by Signe Pierce
Presented by Fine Art Club
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Signe Pierce is a multimedia artist primarily working within the fields of photo, performance, video, reality-as-a-medium, and installation. Her primary concentrations deal with identity perception, surveillance culture, feminized marketing techniques, modern love, and the burgeoning decay of actual reality & physicality. By fusing these thematic interests with lush color palettes, vivid lighting, and an obsessive attention to aesthetic detail, Pierce’s work seeks to critique the modern identity crisis of “What is real?” within an increasingly digital society.

Over the past year, Pierce has participated in multiple performances, installations, and exhibitions, including a solo exhibition at Galerie Nathalie Halgand in Vienna, Austria. She has also embarked on solo projects for the Satellite Art Fair, Refinery 29’s immersive 29 Rooms pop-up event, a solo-installation at Adidas Originals NYC, and a performance at the Museum of Modern Art. She is the star and co-creator of the acclaimed short film, American Reflexxx.